Single Dive

2-4   Dives

5   Dives package

10 Dives package

15 Dives package

Night Dive guided by boat

Night Dive guided from the shore

Shark Dive

Nitrox Dive

Scuba Diving Equipment rental

$   50 (per person)

$   40 (each per person)

$ 200 (per person)

$ 350 (per person)

$ 450 (per person)

$   50 (per Dive) plus $ 7 for flas light rental

$   40 (per Dive) plus $ 7 for flas light rental

$   115 (per Dive)

$10.00 per tank or $150.00 unlimited per week

$ 20.00 per day or $15.00 per dive

Dive prices include tanks, belts, and weights

FUN Dives !!!

Clear and warm waters, great visibility, dramatic walls & swim-through. Turtles will accompany most of your dives, Moray Eels,Eagle Rays, Groupers, Barracudas and an incredible variety of small creatures like Flamingo Tongues, Blennies, and many many more together with a new entry like, the Lion Fish just lately and involuntary introduced to our eco system.


Scuba Diving