Cayos Cochinos Full Day Trips

CAYOS COCHINOS is a small archipelago located at just 19 km off the cost of Honduras.

On old British maps,they are called "the Hog Islands" and lore has it that British Pirates like Henry Morgan and the likes, left hogs on the keys so they would have meat on their return trips.

All the keys and the surrounding waters were declared a Marine Reserve in 1994,with the Smithsonian Institute,WWF,TNC and World Bank,protecting all marine and terrestrial flora & fauna within a 460 square km area from fishing,developing or any harmful activity. Because of the Reserve the surrounding reef is in fantastic shape. All in all, the Cayos are one of the most spectacular collections of islands,beaches and reefs in the Western Caribbean.

Chachauate Cay is the apex of any Cayos Cochinos trip. Home of a tiny Garifuna fishing village, Chachauate boasts one of the most striking settings you've ever seen. 

On this trip,you'll have the opportunity to have a little taste of their food,culture,dancing,fishing and local art.

$ 165

AQUA ADVENTURE ISLAND TOURS is your chance to see and admire almost 35 miles of turquoise waters, blue skies and luxuriant vegetation.

Utila and Whale Shark encounter

$ 170 (Seasonal)

UTILA, the other of the Bay Islands,give us the best reason to go for a visit: one of the most beautiful gentle giants of the sea,the WHALE SHARK.

The whale shark is THE largest fish in the sea,averaging 9mt in length! He is believed to be highly migratory and the deep waters on the North side of the island of Utila is on his migratory path.

We  encounter them when feeding at the surface for plankton, a microscopic organism that floats freely with oceanic currents. He would open his mouth and filter gallons and gallons of water through their gills,while the small organisms below 3 mm will stay.

You'll have the opportunity to swim with a whale shark and observe him from a very close distance...a life time experience!

NEW!!! Pigeon Cay and Barbareta Island


Our newest 5 stars excursion includes visit by sea of the popular and the most historical area: New and Old Port Royal, snorkeling off the most secluded areas on the East End of the island and ALL YOU CAN EAT BARBECUE made out of fresh lobster and fish brought to us from the local daily fishermen, served also with chicken & beef + ALL YOU CAN DRINK of beers and sodas!!!

The barbecue will be offered on the deserted little island called Pigeon Cay, right off the tip of Roatan Island, on the East end, recognized like THE BEST snorkeling point due to the untouched reef formation and the undisturbed reef us, you won't be disappointed!

NEW!!! LION FISH HUNTING for Snorkelers and Divers at Pigeon Cay

$165 + $50 for the Marine Park License & Hawaiian Spear

The guided snorkeling or diving off the reef of Pigeon Cay will also include a lesson of how to hunt Lion Fish, an extremely voracious and invasive species that is trying to colonize our reef. Anything you and your guides will catch, will be served as ceviche right on the beach!!

Sunset Cruise

$ 40

Half Day Tours

$ 50

Roatan Island Tours

The Island Tours include lunch,drinks and fruits.